Chill, I’m wearing capris.

Chill, I'm wearing capris.

I rushed down the stairs

Wearing my cute denim shorts

I had just finished my prayers

A million things were rushing inside my brain acting like thoughts

it was 3o5

And mom had to drive

I Shook my shoulders because of the weight of the backpack straps

Perhaps the pain was the aftermath of my nap

My bottle fell on the ground

i bent down to pick it up

But as I stood back

I saw something abrupt

A group of men were goggling their eyes

And ogled my legs

It wasn’t  an admiration

It was the “gaze” of the spies

My Mom squeezed my hand

Pulled the shorts a bit lower

She walked a bit slower

And returned the gifted “gaze”

She wished i never passed through this phase

She leered at them with a much greater intensity 

She removed her goggles

For them to have a better view;

A better feeling

Of how it feels to be scanned from top to bottom

She never wanted me to experience a world this rotten

Even she gawked her eyes;

Protruded them onto their skins

Their chests met their chins

But To me it wasn’t a surprise 

She knew about these hurdles 

She wanted to pluck their eyes

And play with them like marbles.

I was Well aware about the mentalities

I wondered if My culture would be dejected to being one of the calamities

Not every one can keep a check of their calories

We also have to worry about our salaries

And as i was swiping through my gallery 

I deleted my biology notes of the epacaris

And got down the stairs again;

I Saw how the hurricane began

My Mom squeezed my hand again

And I said:

Chill, I’m wearing capris.

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