About Me

It’s a dog-eat-dog world
And here I am, a 14 year old in class 9
A puppy in this battlefield

I have tried to express everything I have felt or heard or seen in this blog
My words may seem twisted and unintelligible to many but
If you have a heart and brain I am sure you’ll pave a way for yourself in this hill of words
My poems are intended
To be understood
To be cried upon
To be made fun of ( I can’t avoid that, it’s the 21st century after all )
I am just an imbecile putting up words which have no sense
So… stay tuned to find out 😉

and I am cock a hoop about finally opening my diary
before the world
It indeed has become too dusty sitting beside my history textbook on the right shelf *chuckles*

Sometimes are hard, some are harder and others are just called a life and death crisis even when you have just broken the vase
                                                 ~said by a logophile (me)

aamani sharma

Aamani Sharma