Purest love

Purest lve

We walked in sync  all the time She knew when to call my bluff And when not to call me an asinine  Time passed and it was the day when she sat on the bench reminiscing My laugh My tears  My stupid inane questions And all my furry deers I knew I let her down […]

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Aamani Sharma quotes about Skin |

My skin is mine to keep Mine to wear Mine to show and mine to seal I moisturize it in a way of praising it I sometimes even bare it As the scars on it, light every candle of each painful memory The moment’s slip And I count the scars like 1, 2, 3 And […]

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Light on my plight 

Do I have to hide? Behind the truck and the cars Can I not show my thigh? Can I not keep my head help up high? Do I even have my rights? Or are they meant just for display When someone points the light on my plight Can I use the organ called the tongue? […]

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One day

Something burns I have lost my way It’s an illusion A clear delusion Not to be understood with pain Because pain confuses us And leaves no rain And No plants to beautify this horrid world I know I will find my way Someday                           […]

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