I see that girl

She has her head a bit lower than normal 

I see that mortal being

Every night when I return back home

I peep from the crack in my black tinted window

I watch her roam on the streets

I see the silhouette of a man behind her

they were always strapped together

But they gave out an uncanny, eeyorish wave

Out in all directions

I could feel her eyes trying to make a connection

The sound of her cutting her integument with a pocket knife

Reverberates on the street all the time


Tonight, she wasn’t in sight

I looked for her

But mother said no

I was told to Steer clear from these mortals

They are to be given a wide berth to

My mother was squirrelly 

she didn’t want, this phenomena to snatch her daughters mirth

I know what I saw

I remember the reflections of those sounds

When I keep my hand on my hollow white wall

I can feel the vibration touch my nerves going into the heart

I know the heart doesn’t really feel 

It just pumps the blood scientifically

I don’t know whether its the brain or the hormones where the wrath takes its birth

I hope this isn’t my imbecility

I just hold onto my door of brass

And that’s when it dawns upon me 

I don’t know all this because I haven’t reached that chapter in bio class

I am 14

And yet

 can’t impart

I still remember that girls big large eyes

Yearning for help

Pleading for a life

Hoping to eat the burnt food made by her mother

But what could she do when she didnt even remember the face of her foster brother

I lay in my bed

And let it be a “bygone”

But this woebegone being in me mumbled to itself

abreast the thoughts whooshing in my perturbed mind

A part was undisturbed

hoping that her flesh would be one

And not cut into pieces one by one.

~Aamani Sharma

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