If peace has to be it has to start with you and me….

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A woman Died on the street beside where I live
Maybe a murder
Maybe an accident
A man committed suicide
For he couldn’t take the words of hatred

Countries stay belligerent for the blood of the other
And each war creates
a ruinous scene and gallons of tears
are gathered

A child saw bloodshed of her birthgivers
Because they raised their voice for rights
Ignoring their colors

The citizens confess once their bodies are devoid of dreams
“Love felt like a phantasmagoria
And hate felt like reality”

People don’t sleep for nights
Fearing the judgemental eyes
How can u conjecture my achievements by hearing a surname of mine

A masjid or a mandir
Still a mystery for all
What can I say
A 14 year old
Stuck in this conundrum for life long

I think its time the tiny buddha’s slumber in us
Is over
thoughts of peace are to prevail

Where I can lie still
with a sense of calmness in my mind
A peace which exists on borders
On streets
In every human’s life
Let’s take a pause from syncing our phones with headphones
and sync The minds and hearts
and make the words you and me
The pillars for a peaceful start.
I open my arms to every color
Black, white or red
To every shape of a human
To every caste and spell.
Its time we make a little space
Make a better place
For our human race
So peace doesn’t cease to exist
So there’s no sin in the flesh
Where disputes and conflicts are not welcomed
And finally, we can put this hatred to rest.
If peace has to be
It has to start with you and me.

~ Aamani Sharma

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  1. Excellently executed piece.
    What you have expressed is indeed need of the hour. I loved the verse ‘….Its time we make a little space
    Make a better place
    For our human race…’
    We all are mournful of what is happening around. You have let your emotions loose in a verse.
    Great poetic talent!

  2. Hi little big girl
    You are an old soul

    lovely blog
    Am bit nervous reading about slit wrists somewhere on some title

    Pl do spell check as there are some typos in an otherwise beautifully presented blog

    Will comment on poems slowly

    In this poem pl correct exists to exist
    And Voilence to Violence

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