My slumber in the void

I am known worldwide

When People pray for my peace

When People cry on my body devoid of dreams

Candles come out

Only on the night, I die

But when I was numb and jittery

I dialed all of you so many times

People come when you don’t need them anymore

When the butterflies stop to fly in this stomach of mine,

When I am finally climbing the staircase to the cloudy land I had in my mind,

But maybe I have to fall down

Into the lava

Filled with the evil

As people blame me as the culprit

For being proud of the skin I owned

For being brave to show the scars I once had on my flawed skin


It wasn’t a phantasmagoria

It was the reality

It was the truth

Which flooded in front of me

When I saw what humans have to Offer

To the Lucifer of our country

~Aamani Sharma

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