squinting my eyes

I opened google and

My cursor danced a bit

Wondering what to do;

I did have a few thoughts 

but my roads forked into two 

and I had to choose between youtube and the news

I chose the one less travelled by

and lost in the society section ,protruding my eyes onto the screen

while searching for the crooks in the brooks

 I jumped upon the category of the”women”

And Being of the same kind

The eagerness engulfed my mind

 I pressed my mouse

With all the zeal filled upto my mouth


The view grinded my heart

All the zeal in me decided to depart

What I read first 

was About a girl the same age as mine

Treated like a cattle

Sold for money

Unknown to what would happen to her honey?

The crooks had disrespected their own kind

They had crossed a forbidden line

Their senses of touch had forgotten the caressing of the sunny man above

The humanity in them had drained into the brooks

I wonder what would happen to these crooks?

Then a girl named aliana’s interview flashed on the screen

And it was like living an unwanted dream

The next line said “also read: rented brides of Haryana ”

reading the  “also” in the line created an edgy feeling inside

Looking at my particular kind

Being chagrined and agonised 

The light of the future dimmed a bit in my mind

I didn’t want to grow up to see a sight so filthy

I wanted to wear my sandals and not worry about the ongoing scandals  

And I wanted to go out in the park

Without my mom fearing

If I would return with all my parts

I wonder what lies ahead

Would the future females

Have ingrained fear to walk alone

Would they deny the  merriment after 9?

Would my daughter be scarred and scared?

Would she even be allowed to be born?

I wish this misogyny wouldn’t just go on and on.

~Aamani Sharma

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  1. Excellent poetry! We all feel the emotions for facts going around the world but the way you have put in words bring tears to my eyes.

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